Group Perspective, Inc. has reached another milestone as it recently held its first ever Family Day, in celebration of its  8th Year Anniversary.  The Management has decided to celebrate  it differently this year and instead of the usual community outreach programs, they thought it would be more meaningful to celebrate it with the families of their employees. This is in keeping with GPI’s drive to strengthen the family culture in the company. 

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It was a perfect Saturday morning in the City of Makati  on January 23, 2016 as GPI employees and their families converged at Makati Coliseum, wearing pink, green and yellow shirts which represent their respective team colors.  It was a full day event which started at 8am, as the teams, with their family members, participated in the different fun-filled activities starting off with the usual praise and worship and God’s message from Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) Cambridge Ministry. A special treat for the employees followed as the GPI Top Management performed a surprise dance number.  It was a gesture truly appreciated by the employees as they all cheered on while being entertained by the GPI bosses.

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It was a day of friendly competition among The Pink Royalties, Mellow Yellow Gummy Bear and the Ohana Green teams. But more than the games and fun activities, it was really an opportunity to renew the bond of family not only among the GPI people, but for their respective families as well. Jimmar Acedo of the Production department shared that he was very grateful to GPI for having an event like this, for it was only during the family day that he and his family had real quality time together due to conflicting work schedules. Hearing stories like these and seeing the closeness of the employees and their families and the smiles it brought on their faces, made the event even more special and meaningful. This is reason enough to make family day a company tradition.

This is GPI’s way forward; to build a positive team and family spirit. As we grow as a company and achieve greater milestones, it has become more and more important to define family as one of the core values from which we derive our culture and business strategies.

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In the end, the GPI Family Day was a day true to the GPI spirit and a wonderful show of support from the people who make GPI a family.

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